Preventive medicine

(Preventive Disease Management Program, PDMP)

The Institut für Stoffwechselforschung-Frankfurt (isf, has, at the initiative of the Europäischen Gesellschaft für Präventivmedizin e.V. (, developed a scientifically based medical health promotion programme that focuses on the prevention of chronic illness by educating patients and employees in companies: the Preventive Disease Management Program, PDMP. The PDMP is currently the only scientifically based programme that links together private and business health promotion: following the motto “Detect – Exercise – Win”, employees  (PDMPbusiness und PDMPcoworkers) are educated, medically examined and accompanied. Participants are given support and reinforcement by trained and certified doctor’s surgeries (PDMPrisk; see Gesundheitsschule Rhein-Main, 

The PDMPcheck is an individual health promotion programme. The PDMPcheck records the dynamics of metabolic and vascular processes and describes the individual “aging” process. The examined person thereby obtains a comprehensive picture of his/her health and, through the detailed analysis of the results, learns how greater wellbeing can be achieved in the long term through simple lifestyle changes: "Program your metabolism!" 

3 Focuses: Diagnosis - Consultation – Support


In addition to the well-known check-up procedures (ultrasound of stomach, thyroid, heart, spiroergometry), the PDMPcheck also includes special laboratory and high-tech blood vessel examinations that enable the early detection of metabolic and vascular changes (changes that ultimately lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, burn-out and dementia).

  • Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle analysis
  • "Genetic profiling"
  • "Metabolic profiling"
  • "Vascular profiling"
  • Check-up of neuromuscular coordination


Consultation: Detect - Exercise - Win

  • Your personal health survey: a colourfully prepared health survey records and explains the collected results understandably and concisely.
  • "Giving tools": in an in-depth discussion, you find out how you can control your metabolic and vascular processes using simple “tools”.
  • "Gender Medicine"  “Men are not the same as women”: hormonal changes guide us through all stages of life. We advise you on the gender-specific processes of aging and the resulting mental and physical changes.



  • "We stay in touch": so that you can put the information and what you have learnt into practice, you can contact us at any time.

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