Metabolic rehabilitation

Diseases extend at a certain speed, always depending on the extent of the disease and the initiated therapy. In each phase, a disease is therefore also influencable : worsening of the disease can be avoided by a targeted treatment .

Target groups:

The metabolic rehabilitation is appropriate for patients with:

  • Overweight
  • Obesity
  • Fat and sugar metabolism disorders
  • And patients with cardiac and vascular disease.

  • Vascular protection ( Vasoprotektion ) : It is not the "sugar" , which loads the diabetics, but rather caused by the sugar vascular changes.
  • Regression it is often possible to return advanced disease in milder forms (eg of insulin therapy on treatment tablets )
  • Better quality of life



Metabolic profile : Targeted metabolic studies, the phase in which is the disease is recognized . The focus is primarily the regulation of carbohydrate balance ( insulin sensitivity ) , which can be analyzed with different methods. The LDL cholesterol is considered the initiator of the vessel wall inflammation ( = atherosclerosis ) and can be decomposed with special measuring method in the smallest components . The amount of these small- dense LDL particles defines the atherogenicity of LDL cholesterol , ie its harmful effect on the vessel wall.

In addition to laboratory testing methods for measuring the metabolic power (= basal metabolic rate ) are used at rest and during exercise.

Vessel profile : Sonography of the vessels is in the foreground . The wall texture allows conclusions on the extent of damage to the vessels. The ability of the arteries to stretch ( endothelial function) , which is a major prognostic criterion for vascular disease. A vessel mapping defines the severity of the Atherosklerose.Moderne measurement methods permit the representation of the regulation of blood pressure and the extensibility of the abdominal aorta (aorta ) .


Therapy :

Both profiles , the metabolism and the blood vessels , it would produce a picture that can be stabilized by specific therapeutic intervention or even improved. Basis of this therapy are lifestyle changes, ie we support the patient in diet and work out with the patient on a tuned him exercise plan .

Under the motto " less is more" simple changes in everyday life can be implemented, a major influence on the Have being and disease.



Within a week, the profiles are created and started, the therapeutic measures . The follow-up care at regular intervals, either directly or indirectly in the center via telephone or mailing . After 3 months, a final examination, in which the profiles are recreated, and further therapy will be adjusted to the current findings.

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